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Mickey Arlow,  Pet Photographer and Digital Artist

With a passion for capturing the unique bond between people and their beloved pets, Mickey is a talented pet photographer and digital artist. Armed with a camera and a deep appreciation for the beauty of animals, Mickey has been bringing joy to pet owners through stunning pet portraits since 2006.

What began as a journey to master the art of photography for personal reasons quickly transformed into a lifelong passion. Originally picking up the camera to capture cherished moments of grandchildren who lived far away, Mickey soon found herself drawn to the captivating world of animal photography. Starting with her own furry companions, Mickey began refining her photography skills by capturing the unique personalities and expressions of her dogs.

As word spread about the captivating pet portraits Mickey was creating, friends and acquaintances began requesting their talents to immortalize the bonds they shared with their pets. It wasn't long before the demand grew, leading Mickey to establish, a digital haven where pet owners could witness their furry friends transformed into timeless works of art.

Guided by an innate ability to connect with animals and a keen eye for detail, Mickey masterfully captures the essence of each pet in her images. From curious kittens to loyal dogs and everything in between, Mickey's portraits radiate with the personalities and emotions that make pets such cherished members of families.

With over a decade of experience, Mickey has not only honed her craft but has also touched the hearts of countless pet owners, providing them with memories that will last a lifetime. Her dedication to her artistry and her genuine love for animals continue to drive Mickey to create pet portraits that speak volumes about the bonds that enrich our lives.

When not behind the camera, Mickey can often be found enjoying quality time with her own furry companions, drawing inspiration from their antics and personalities. A storyteller through images, Mickey invites you to join her in celebrating the magic of the animal kingdom through her lens.

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